This will be a quick update considering it’s only been one week since I’m back at work in Kuujjuaq.


I was a bit rusty so I decided to do something fun to get me started: creating a new Universe. It’s really not what I should be doing but what the hell.

Taking advantage of the procedural power of Houdini, I made a simulation of a Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. For any non-chemistry geek out there, it’s something known as a chemical oscillator that is developing nice patterns over time. Check this gif of the reaction process in Houdini!

So now I have the general mood of this Universe but I still want to work more on it later. Maybe adding weird slimy particle effects and/or big toxic-looking shapes in the sky.


Next step will be polishing the hunt gameplay and adding some danger to the worlds.

Keep it cool!