Hey folks!

Here’s something else to know about the dangers lurking in the Multiverse.

Entropy bubbles

Keep your eyes peeled when running around looking for the Prey because if not careful, you might accidentally enter an entropy bubble.

These are scattered across the surface and do a great deal of damage to the Hunter. Some equipment will help to see them clearly but without it, the only way to see them is to cautiously look out for a small air refraction around the bubble.

This is what stepping on them looks like:



  • Like you can see from the screenshot above, the entropy bubbles are done. They are spawned randomly on the ground and I’m pleased with the explosion effect. The weird black structure/dust is made with a raymarching shader applied on a 2d billboard so no textures are involved.
  • Apart from that, I made a couple of experiments mostly for fun and invested some time on my Houdini skills.
  • I will be taking another long vacation! (what a loafer…) I might be back in Kuujjuaq around early October. The plan is to make a very long road trip across North America. I still want to work a little bit on the game during that time but I will be armed only with a notebook and a pen. However since I need to do some writing for the character, setting and “story”, this will be a good excuse.

Keep it cool!