This will probably be my last post here for a while.

After having plenty of time in the past months to make this decision, I’ve chosen to stop the development of my game (AKA Multivrs). Here are some of the reasons why.

Making a game alone is REALLY hard

I consider myself a pretty competent and self-sufficient developer. I can make decent 3d models, write functional code and I know my way around a game engine. What is not really possible to do alone is to challenge your ideas and have other points of view about the best way to achieve them.

Of course, there is plenty of brave game dev who managed to work on their project alone during multiple years. But I would argue that most of them are probably not as isolated as I am. In most mid-sized cities, there’s plenty of gaming events to showcase your work, a community of developers and reliable access to the internet. None of those things are available in Kuujjuaq.

The game’s not fun

At this point, I no longer believe in the direction the game is heading.

I knew from the beginning that it was a pretty risky bet considering the experimental nature of the game. I still think a lot of its components are interesting and maybe at some point in the future I will find a way to salvage most of it. But at the current stage, I can’t see how I’m gonna be able to make it fun.

There was still a lot of work remaining but most of the gameplay ingredients were done. So it would have made no sense to put maybe an another year on polishing something I no longer feel is really good. Time is too important.


I hope all of this does not sound too depressing. Because in the end, I’m really glad I made that decision about a year ago to quit my job and start working on my own game. It was the right choice and I don’t regret it at all.

I’m a much better developer right now than when I started this. I learned a crazy amount of new stuff, managed to get really good in all things related to procedural generation, overcame my fear of math and did some nice art pieces along the way.

Thanks for tuning in! This blog will now go in hibernation until some other weird idea takes over.